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Angels Sing to Me – Original Song by Mike Wilson

I wrote this song, Angels Sing to Me, because of a near death experience that I had.  Without a doubt, I know that there is a force beyond this place on earth that can help up through anything whether it

  • Catching Fire – Original Song by Mike Wilson

    Many of you know that over the past decade I have been writing my own music. But, this latest song of mine called Catching Fire is one of my favorites. I wrote it for the movie The Hunger Games 2

  • Sweater Weather – cover by Mike Wilson

    Have you ever had one of those ‘Aha!’ moments in your life? If you really stop to think about it, aren’t they the times when life seems to get better? Singing ‘Sweater Weather’ by The Neighbourhood was one of those

  • Love Somebody – Mike Wilson Cover

    When I first heard the lyrics to ‘Love Somebody’ by Maroon 5, I had to dissect the words and find the meaning in all of it. This song portrays the commitment it takes to love someone along with stirring the

  • Stay – New Cover by Mike Wilson

    There isn’t much more that can empower and satisfy the human spirit like finding one’s true love.  Love can give you strength to carry on and to press forward in hard times.  Love can bind two souls together, intertwining the

  • When I Was Your Man Cover by Mike Wilson

    What is Love? Philosophers, musicians, artists, writers, and psychologists have been trying to understand love for as long as people have been feeling it. And while the debate over its exact definition continues to trudge along in our world, like

  • Free Concert in the Park

    The warmer spring months bring a variety of activities to the area of St. George like golf, hiking, and picnics. But, going to a concert in the park is always a favorite. As Mike Wilson gears up for his free